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  2. Don't also forget how the small statues in the normal Ruins have bug like features, and look similar to the shadows. The Head Statue looks a bit similar to Mr Skittish. Also, the mage statue looks like the Terrorbeak, but with a normal head and such.
  3. Can't we just set temperature on it like normal people? Decide to boil things or not.
  4. Yeah I replace my wires like this too. I think they even mention it in one of the patch notes.
  5. I made an Electrolizer room with a Hydrogen Generator. I captured both substances via a Gas Pump, and with a Gas Filter, I selected Oxygen as my filtered gas output. I sent the Oxygen back to my base, and the Hydrogen went to my Hydrogen Generator. I assumed that everything was awesome: Everything is cool when you're part of a team. When I checked on my gas interface, I noticed that some Hydrogen was going through the Oxygen filter. Now my base is depressurized and isn't receiving enough Oxygen. I'm about to abandon another base. Is this a bug, or am I dumb? I checked the filter, clicked on Oxygen, and I think my pipes are correct. Are they? I cry everytim.
  6. Unfortunately PS4 players can't use any mods/cheats. I deleted all of the useless/leech players off my PSN list. I've got so many people who befriended me to join my server just to come in the base sit around making an EXTRA shadow manipulator, etc... so just so they can earn the PS4 trophy for crafting it. I kept a few people who looked experienced and had a good base of their own, I visited this guy's base too, I've never done the things he did to me though. I have manners when I visit other people's server I ask for permission if I want something, I don't go around opening every single chest looting items and not answering when asked questions... this guy did just that, he visited my base and started to open chests, getting a lot of items wearing rare stuff and logout.. he didn't even answer me when I asked him what he is doing. He logged out, then I sent him a PSN message, he didn't reply and have been ignoring me for the past 2 days... he took rare stuff and I can't get it back. I will try to get a reply from him, if nothing then I'm deleting him off my PSN list. I already set with password only, but it's not fair for others who host a public server and get trolled like that by randoms. It's very discouraging to even host publicly to try to make new friends in this game if things like this keeps on happening and there's no improvements.
  7. I made a little change to the blue area. I was having issues with generating too much LOX such that the space heater could not keep up. So I rebuilt the area with a different idea to boil LOX. It is as easy as pie. The new heating method instantly boils LOX into OX at about -90C. Production rate of OX remains about 215 kg per day. New temperature setting for thermo sensor. T4 - colder than 16.9C T5 - colder than -53.1 C T6 - colder than -28.1 C T7 - colder than 6.9 C T8 - warmer than 21.9 C Version 211197 compatible.
  8. Ban 'the fruit' for posting 6 hours ago
  9. Hutch just wants to help.
  10. minespatch

    Actually I've been considering that already. I mean, I didn't draw it from scratch/program the 3D models, etc...but I lovingly slaved over each one for a long time before I considered their features, colouring, etc. right and also searched the 'net for clothes and hairdos that looked even remotely appropriate. Sometimes LONG, far-and-wide, searches. Man, how long it took me to find a decent Valkyrie helmet for Wigfrid...!'s something I definitely put _effort_ into, is what I mean. And besides, where ELSE would I show Don't Starve Sims but on a Don't Starve messageboard? : P (Weirdly enough, if you've clicked on my Steam profile, you've already kinda sorta seen one of these screenshots--it's a cropped-down-and-shrunk version of Sim-Wilson! Working (and grumpily failing) at his inventor's station. INVENTOR'S. STATION. My _god_ Sims 3 is the perfect one to do this crossover with...) ...Notorious
  11. Spiderp makes that hat work. Ah, the deleted scene from the Beetles "Yellow WXmarine".
  12. That... is special. I've found that sometimes saving and reloading the game helps clear out any issues, but I haven't had mine derp out like yours did. You can also always hit the "Red Alert" button to force them to do things at high stress level increase. Getting their head stuck in a tile is the funniest thing I've seen. Just had to dig them out though.
  13. He probably wants to feed hatch.
  14. minespatch

    Maybe you should try it in the future on your thread. Put it on a to-do list. Yup. I get like two to fours of sleep depending which day I'm not pulling all nighters on story editing, webcomic art, and other things. Barely get time to myself during the day, so yeah. That might be stuff you could fill your thread with as well.
  15. I got the issue where Deerclops didn't spawn above ground during winter (it happened one winter) but I think it's because I didn't kill Goose Goose? Goose Goose stayed in this location all season long picture proof ( he was there for the winter so maybe this was the reason Deerclops didn't spawn that one winter? I'm not sure.... I've been getting some weird issues with Goose Goose staying in for too long, I talked to other players, they said that Bearger is the only Giant who stays all year long and doesn't respawn unless he is killed (can you please confirm this, cause I haven't seen Bearger for a very long time, I only saw him twice and I'm at 461 days right now) while other Giants are suppose to disappear once their season is over. Goose Goose has been staying all year/seasons, just today the Goose Goose near my base was there all year long so when it was spring again I saw 2 Goose Goose in that area (the one that was there all year long and another one that came during Spring) then Summer came along and one was gone but the other Goose Goose stayed until early winter.. Idk what happened but he just disapeared this time. I also got irregular Frog Rain, it rained Frog Rain twice (2 days after I got another one, I'm not sure if this is normal but it has never happened in the past). And during Summertime, the weather is very strange it's like Dusk during day time till dusk... it used to be very bright during Summer, but the summer that I just experienced was Dusk during Day time the entire summer until dusk time. Also, I posted this in the wrong forum section. I think this is a bug... i took pictures of the error message and also I get a very very very long loading screen when I load the game. It wasn't like this before.
  16. It might be a mod already in the workshop, tho idk. Other thing is that get either better friends, or just put a password on the server and allow only the ones you trust. It comes to the fact that the game is about trust and betrayal, so gotta be careful on your decisions with who to friend with.
  17. snow!! and webber!! and surrealism
  18. minespatch

    Haha! That's pretty much what I had in mind for the summer piece, yeah. "DO YOUR WORST, NATURE!" (Nature does its worst.) "OH CRAP I DIDN'T _MEAN_ IT!!" And yeah, I think all of us have had the occasional base burn down due to a perfectly nice, functioning, fueled-up fling...that...wasn't turned on. Whoops. Oh, and if we're doing characters with "bottom" in their name...(Arlesienne will like this) Cheri Littlebottom! From Discworld! (Here's my own interpretation of her, from way back. Woot. She's also kind of the police department's forensics person (as such even exists on the Disc) so...better-read than average and even--dare I say it?--a bit sciencey. Also love the fainting from happiness, you only had two hours of sleep again?! and Charlie--or her shadow side, anyway--needing her fiiixx! Of course, now that we know more about where nightmare fuel actually comes from, that's even _creepier_... I need to do a decent picture of Charlie, dangit. Haven't, yet. Not entirely happy with my Sim of her, either--although if I feel like booting up Sims 3 I'll go in there and take screenshots of all the Don't Starve people I can. Heh. Some turned out better than others... Edit: I LOVE THAT PHOTO! I want a fluffy thing for _my_ kitty to lay down on too... That thing is just like, the ultimate cat-seat. Warm, semi on-your-lap and keeps you from being able to move your arms properly as long as the cat is on you. Perfect! ...Notorious
  19. What have your duplicants done that made you exclaim, 'Come on!' "Really now?" "Are you serious?" and how did you respond? How did your duplicants respond? Let it be known, I am a vengeful god. After 65 days working with extremely smart individuals (learning level 14 at the time of their death), the colony stopped adding sand to the water purifier on the bathroom. Noticing this I placed the filter at the highest priority. No change... So I canceled all change. I then made all other priorities but the filter to lvl change. I then turned on the debug controls...deleted half the change. I removed EVERYTHING except for the bathroom and a manual generator for the change. I had them destroy the water purifier, and build a new one...reconnect the pipes and change. (There was sand sitting all across the platform (item...not tile) I then brought on the flood...with a single ladder reaching up...and yes. Duplicants do climb like rats...but will brave the depths for food. I tried freezing them to death (20 kelvin Oxyrock tombs) they would not die. I surrounded them with magma (2000 kelvin) they would not burn. Instead...they drowned on their excrement. That...dear why you should perform your responsibilities. NOTE: Dear Devs (I'll add this in suggestion) Please made the ability to 'stop action immediately' / 'perform this immediately' Far too many times I've had systems fail because a stressed duplicant would not get up off the massage table or stop running to generate power (despite priority levels indicating to do so)
  20. Hmm not sure what's going on with other peoples games. I have my electrolyzers in an enclosed space with 2 pumps and i'm doing just dandy. In fact my base is so full my gas vents are actually over pressurized. I'm using just 1 gas filter too. Here's the Oxygen Overlay
  21. Not in the least, instead of giving 2 ****s about their stress, I collect their vomit and filter it. Sounds weird but it's a super handy means of water production. (They put out more than they take in)
  22. Thank you for taking the time to respond. From the last photo I'm greatly confused how you're able to have two coal generators in house while still maintaining an oxygen saturation. (I do hope actually strong air currents will come well as a 'atmospheric pressure' over lay so I can see where things want to blow). My builds have all been with exclusive gas permeable tiles (other than the border). The unaddressed concern here is I can scrub all the CO2 out of the air (and have done so excessively) this removal of CO2 doesn't produce O2, or even replenish what was used before.| Creating airtight chambers filled with co2 and only containing a air scrubber results in no CO2 and a few mg of O2. Lastly, how have your bristles produced seeds while growing? Mine have only produced 4 and then die.
  23. minespatch

    My caricature of John C Reily for Caricaturama. Went for a Vaporwave meets vintage television look on his character Dr. Steve Brule. I didn't expect it to look like something out of David Cronenberg so I'm delighted and mixed with the results. Request from @toki-wartoothxx of her angel character Anaiel. Kind of looks like her other character Blasius but managed to get him done. Her second request of two requests. I combined two "Draw the OTP" and made this silly thing. Update of Seigfried Hiel's Wife Flosshilde. One of the three rhine maidens he married and survivor. Stuff for Deviantart and my portfolio. Needed them scanned.
  24. The electrolyzers will stop work at high pressure, and they produce 1000g/s of gas, while the air pump pumps around 500g/s So it's just not recommonded to put your electrolyzers in an enclosed area and use pumps to provide O2
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