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  2. Chapter 15: Divided We Fall Part 3 Webber's POV Silence. Sweet, sweet silence. For the longest time, all that we ever wanted was someone else to talk to, but now that we had it we just wanted them to stop. We basked in the lack of noise for the first few minutes, but eventually, it got eerie. The chill of winter had driven insects and birds and animals away, so no noise drifted through the air at all. Our ears rang. Weariness began to set in. Usually, this was the point we would try to make some sort of small talk, but there was no one left to talk to. What we said about living in the wild by ourself for a time was very true, but the season of being near others had softened us. We were pathetic now. We shook our head, a soft growl rising in our throat. We had to prove we could survive without them. We could survive without them... right? Of course, the scoffing reply echoed through our mind. You're being ridiculous with your... self-doubt. You know very well you don't need them to survive. They need you. When they realize that... they'll come crawling back. For a reason that had nothing to do with being cold, we shivered. Where the dark thoughts had come from was far beyond our knowledge. We thought briefly back to the memories of playing in the white, powdery snow and vaguely remembered being innocent. Time had been cruel to us, though, so by now, this innocence had long since fled us. Yes, but that innocence has given way to strength... and speed... your intelligence can use some work though. Ah, gee, thanks, insulted by my own mind. Flattered. Are you really so gullible? We closed our eyes and laughed lightly, wryly. Alone for barely an hour and we had already resorted to arguing with ourself? What was the point? Eyes still closed, we bared our teeth. We just need to get our mind off of... things. Telling ourself this was no hardship, but for some reason standing up seemed a much harder task than it used to be. Relax. Go out. Get a breath of fresh air. Clear your mind. Relax, Webber. Breathe. We took a moment to recompose ourself, flexing and unflexing our claws in an attempt to relieve some of the tension built up in them. We couldn't stop working. We could hardly believe how cold it had suddenly gotten. We need fire- or warmth of some kind. We tried to keep from shivering as we slowly dragged our gaze across the snowy and barren landscape. Yes. Out. Out for supplies and... to clear your mind. We briefly thought of the tree guard followed by the bout of insanity, and we dropped our gaze to our feet. Were we really strong enough to stay out here ourself? It hadn't even been a week before we had been crippled by that blasted tree monster, and we didn't have any clue as to how long it took for insanity to kick in. But hadn't they taken care of us both of those times? Weren't they really the reason we were still alive? Of course not, that slightly familiar voice scoffed. You survived by yourself... well, not quite by yourself. What do you mean? We had each other, didn't we? A chill, more fierce than any other chill we had encountered, racked through our body. Is... is that who you are? Proudly. Oh. As though the realization drained us of our remaining energy, we completely gave up the idea of going out and opted to just let our knees buckle right there. The voice scoffed again. You know, lying there isn't going to do anything, except for maybe get both of us killed. And it'd be a shame if that happened. We slowly picked ourself up again, listening intently for the voice to speak up again but to no avail. It must have been a figment of our imagination. Again. Argh, we won't be able to do anything if we fell insane again. We say as though it's a disease, which it might as well be now. Without thinking about it, we began to move forward, towards the forest. We need to build something to keep us warm and... our stomach growled. We need food too... can you help us with that? Part of us wanted to see if that was all imagined, and judging by the lack of response, it probably was. We forced ourself to raise our chin and puff out our chest a little bit. As though if we convinced ourself that we were strong without them we would be. We weren't sure exactly how long we had been walking before we had really started to freeze. Our fingers were numb, and the numbness was quickly spreading to our hands and legs. We paused for a moment to breathe warm air into our palms before squinting and looking around. Our mind had been so focused on the freezing air that we didn't even consider where we were going, and it was pretty safe to say we were totally lost. Confused, we turned on our heel to consider the surrounding area. Over there it appears the forest thins out... maybe we could figure out where we are better where we can see better. Deciding this was the best course of action- admittedly because it was the only one we could think of- we made our way towards the thinner trees. Much like our encounter with the tree guard and Wilson's encounter with the Bearger, we didn't pay attention to the obvious signs ahead of us. The sudden stench, for one, should have been a clear sign not to go that way, but our mind was so much in the distance that we didn't comprehend it until we were face-to-face with one of the scariest things we had ever seen. Skeletons. Lots of skeletons. Almost every single one a human skeleton. We instantly recoiled, all previous thoughts fleeing our mind in favor of sheer terror. Those were obviously human skeletons, the bones stripped clean of any flesh but the stench of decay was still there. For some reason, though, the skeletons themselves were not what scared us the most. It was the idea that there had been others here, and they failed. We were frozen. Part of us wanted to run for the hills, get away from this horrid place as fast as possible. The other half of us- the... 'better half'... of us- was deeply curious as to what struck these other survivors down. We edged closer to the sight. It appeared there were two full skeletons, both locked in positions of agony, and a scattering of bones that suggested at least another that had been smashed by something. Feeling a little sick, we forced ourself to examine the area even closer, and our eyes caught on something we hadn't seen previously. One of the mossy boulders on the forest floor was, in fact, not a boulder. It appeared that was due to its grayed out color and very mossy covering, but further inspection revealed it to be another skeleton, this one obviously not human. Just the head was thrice our size, and just the sight of it brought back a familiar pain of having a clouded mind and aching head. No no no not doing this again. Panic was trying to settle in, but we forced ourself to back away. Our legs didn't want to move, partially from being paralyzed by fear and partially since the cold had stripped them of much sensation. It was almost unexpected when the terrified signals from our head finally reached the rest of our body and we fled as fast as our legs could possibly move. Trying to take shallow breaths while still getting enough air was difficult enough, let alone the added difficulty of keeping our vision straight ahead. We saw the land fall away in front of us just as our energy began to fail. Just over this hill... just over this hill and we can relax. Turns out it wasn't a hill. The second we reached the crest of it, we noticed our mistake and slowed to a halt. There was no land there. Just like every other time we had run as fast as possible, we had ended face-to-face with the ocean. How are we supposed to run if there's always a cliff in the way!? We took a step back, our senses gradually slowing to normal speed. The waves crashing against the rocky cliff seemed to whisper our name, but before we could get any farther back when a hand rested against our back. We were in mid turn to see who it was- perhaps Wilson or WX came back for us!- Only for that very hand to push us forward. A shout had already erupted from our mouth and the rocks echoed with it by the time we figured out exactly what had happened. The next second we hit the water belly-first. It certainly wasn't the first time we had gone into the ocean- we thought of the Deerclops with a shiver- but it seemed much more shocking this time around, probably due to the fact that tiny sheets of ice had began to freeze bits of water and hitting them drove needle-sharp icicles into our skin. On our own for less than a day... the tiny voice in the back of our head chimed. And already the battle has been lost. … We weren't sure how long it had been before we felt something solid beneath us. We weren't certain how we had survived, nor what those voices in the background were saying let alone who they belonged to... It wasn't until a claw sat on our shoulder for a good minute until we realized we weren't dead. Dripping and shivering violently as the water clinging to our fur began to freeze into clumps, we barely managed to open our eyes to glare at the creature that dare disturb our sleep. It was a spider. Just... an ordinary spider... that for some reason made the shivers even more violent and our breath catch in our throat. The spider graced us with a pleasantly vicious grin, and waited until we were fully aware again to speak. “You've been out for quite awhile,” it said in a sneering tone. “Too much water for you?” “Who... who are you?” “A friend! An acquaintance! A-well, should I drop the act?” The spider slowly paced around us, examining every dripping fur, ever healed over scar across our body. “I'm part of you, my friend. I'm... sure, you haven't forgotten me.” Our mind still wasn't working the best, and it rolled its eyes at our obviously clueless look. “Have you forgotten already?” Oh. Right. Him. “What do you want from me?” I rasped. “A lot of things, but you don't understand. I'm here to help you.” Something tinted our senses, something strong and metallic and warm, but when we turned to look at it, it reached out its claw and pressed it against our cheek to stop us from doing so. “Your.... 'friends'... will be experiencing something similar, so don't be too scared, human.” It stepped away, silencing itself as it probably waited for us to turn and see the thing it stopped us from seeing the first time. As if the day hadn't been terrifying enough, the sight was somehow even more unexpected and... horrible... then all of the others of that day. Two items were on the ground in front of us: A bloody horn and a tooth sitting in a rivulet of some glowing orange liquid, possibly lava. And there were two bodies beyond them. Two. A robot's and a scientist's. No. The claw rested on our back, digging slightly into our flesh as to appear as though it was offering comfort but truly hurting us, but we didn't even feel the pain. We were too busy staring at those two bodies. The horn was in front of WX's. A large hole had been torn out of the robot's torso. If the wound had been any bigger, he would have been in danger of being split in half by the severity of it. The tooth was in front of Wilson's. A set of three bloody claw marks had been ripped down his chest, his clothing stained an even darker red and blood still pulsed from it. We held our head as tears threatened to spill into our vision. Stop it.. you're stronger than that. They mean nothing to you. But we can't... no... "They're not dead," I whispered, hoping to hear the spider agree to confirm it, but the claw simply withdrew and when we risked a glance at it, it appeared to simply shrug. "I would know as much as you, human." It raised another one of its front claws, examining it just as blood from nowhere began to drip down it. "But you'd better find them quickly, or else... heh, well, I'm not completely sure. All I know..." It paused for a moment, as though trying to think or trying to create tension. "Is that either way, you and I will have fun together... forever."
  3. Hey guys! Sorry there's no comic page today, my family ran a bunch of errands and I got home late. I don't really like doing art late at night because one I fell asleep while drawing and couldn't find my drawing pen for like the next week so it wasn't fun. But my bookshelf has chalkboard paint on it and I went a little overboard with this one chalk doodle on it.
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  5. 1) 2) Actually I'm just wrapping it up now. I've been in a bit of a writer's block but I'm excited for this chapter to be honest. Truth be told I'm nowhere near as excited about this chapter as I am the much... MUCH later ones (Namely 35, 50, 98, and 100) So hopefully I'll be able to get around to rewriting them. If I ever think that I'll stop rewriting chapters, though, I'll start posting the crappy original chapters. As for now, though, hopefully I won't have to subject you guys to that sort of torment
  6. The depression comments bring me back to the quotes when the cast wear the fuelweaver skull.
  7. The way you drew Wilson's hair in the third panel reminds me of the way my Wilson toy is crafted. Nice use of perspective.
  8. Yeah about that record of yours… Just wait. (And hooray got the forums all caught up.)
  9. “Hard to believe ruins like these were once some sort of city.” “I can hardly believe it myself, yet all the evidence is here. Every last bit of it.” “Laika… Did I say something wrong? I get the feeling these parts of the caves might be a touchy subject for you.” “No, no, you have said nothing wrong, Wilson.These ruins were never my home. I am of the Neo-Thulecitian generation. I have only heard stories of what these ruins once were from my elders. How they used to be a city beyond imagination. Advanced technology, magic, medicine… For my elders, this was their home and it was heart breaking when the great city fell… but they always made it clear that the city’s undoing was of their own foolish ambitions alongside the king’s.” “Such as…?” “Thinking they could control the monsters from the other side of the gateway, that the darkness was theirs to command, that we needed nothing else but Them and the fuel they provided, that the King would always have command no matter how much they used Their powers… yet in the end it all became a never ending nightmare… and while there are those of us who remain and survived the cataclysmic event, we can still feel the sorrows of our ancestors. We hear their cries when the Nightmare Cycle passes through these caves. I never knew this city but I feel and understand its tragedy and sorrow.” oooooo Yeah in regards to their past, it hurts any Thulecitian, young or old to think about it. It was where their culture began and where it fell apart. Those still remaining are basically trying to pick up the pieces and start over and well… it ain’t easy. Laika certainly knows that for herself. So, yeah references to the images of the obelisk from the Metheus Puzzle and well… Wilson just feeling bad for Laika and her people.
  10. YES
  11. I would like to see it move a recipe to the end of the line after it is crafted as well. So that if you have more than one continuous recipes, after completing recipe #1, it would then be moved to the end of the que and #2 would become the new #1, etc. Allowing the station to craft multiple dishes without player management. You could control ratios of food by putting some continuously in the que more than once. And, as you said, if a recipe can't be crafted, it is moved to the end without being crated. I'm not sure what should happen if there are multiple recipes where they all could not be crafted for some reason.
  12. Ideas for new furniture, devices, etc. Advance Shower requires electrical power, but can produce ideal temperature showers to help Duplicants who are suffering from temperature exposure. (current shower would causes body temp changes based on the temperature of the water used in intake) Punching Bag Reduces Stress / Increases Strength - can break when used, requiring repairs (Destructive duplicants gain extra stress relief) Art Station Reduces Stress / Increases Creativity - while in use improves decor based on creativity of duplicant using it Bookshelf Decor object that operates as a workstation - Reduces Stress / Increases Learning - rate of change dependant on the 'art quality' of the bookshelf =-=-= New research Xeno Management - devices to transport and contain native life forms Can create the following: Terrarium - Improves Decor, serves as a home for a creature, creature returns to the Terrarium at night (although it can then wander freely again) In this way a creature tends to stay in its assigned area. (constructing requires Cultivable soil and Raw Mineral) Wrangling Station - a station that can create 'wrangling gear' an item that can be outfitted (like clothes) A Duplicant outfitted with wrangling gear can capture and transport a creature to a Terrarium, wrangling success based on strength When selecting a creature (Hatch, Puft, Morb, etc) in addition to 'attack' option there would be a 'wrangle' option ('scardy cat' duplicants can't wrangle) A wrangled creature is assigned to the nearest terrarium that does not already have a creature assigned. Xeno Printer - a station that can print creatures - consumes large quantities of water, slime, can print creature duplicants (Hatch, Morb, Puft, etc) .
  13. I've got liquid pipes behind paintings, but the little 'bubbles' showing fluid movement renders in front of the painting while the pipe renders behind it (as in I can't see the pipes, but can see the bubbles) Been hoping to see a fix for this for awhile.
  14. What is the priority of the storage they are transporting to? The priority is what controls that type of chore.
  15. The right pump is trying to send packets to the top vent, canceling all effort the left is making to send those packets to the right. Basically don't make pipes like that.
  16. I just noticed Wilson has a black eye. Is he affected by shadows (or will be in the future)? Speaking of which, how is the next chapter coming along?
  17. That's true.
  18. There's a thread, on the front page, that you've recently posted in, that has designs getting better than 230g/s, which were built in real bases, not in an idealized debug settings. I suggest reading threads before posting in them, in the future. Again, I'm stoked that you're having fun trying to achieve maximum efficiency for your design, but in a real base, you generally have a ton of power, and not all that much polluted O2; which means that people aren't spending the time in debug mode to design a perfect condenser, because it's not actually that helpful in a real base. (Except Kasuha, I think Kasuha is about to convert an entire map of polluted o2 into normal o2 in an actual base, but that's the exception which proves the rule) It just seems like you're running a 100m dash vs someone who's playing golf, lazily strolling from the fairway to the green...and perhaps you don't see that you're on a golf course, not a racetrack. I mean, what's the endgame here? Someone else decides he wants to beat your "efficiency", he makes an even more unreasonably large heat exchanger between the outgoing o2 and incoming polluted o2 and reaches 320 g/s per regulator, what does that prove? Now the oxygen is going out hotter, so maybe that's not actually better, maybe in a real base you'd prefer the oxygen going out a little colder. You're digging a hole on your left and dumping the dirt back into the same hole on your right, and you're still on a golf course, which doesn't need a hole there anyway. What about people who store the o2 in their bases in liquid form. Obviously they can't use a heat exchanger at all, so that lowers their throughput, but they end up with liquid o2 and you don't. That's apples and oranges, right? It seems like if you spent more time playing ONI and less time messing about in debug, you'd already know that.
  19. minespatch

    Me and my family hope to go to Disney Land/World one day.
  20. I agree with Minespatch... and Mint, being an introvert XD
  21. Whenever I hear the name Milo, I think of the movie Milo and Otis. Still like the characters non the less. I enjoy seeing/reading these thulecitian "what if"s again
  22. why hasn't there been any activity on the art thread?






























    I lost my pen again





















    This might be a reoccurring problem.

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      You'll be able to do it again soon. Don't fret. :wilson_smile:

  23. During the summer sale you get DST along with another free copy, and i was just wondering if anyone had a free copy i could get to my friend. Thanks!
  24. If you take a notice of the items during New Reign, lot of them were moon powered technology.
  25. I thought it was more rose motifs.
  26. Thank you JohnWatson and JanH~~ I love the whole series of holmes as well I turned Display food value off and the framedrop turns out to be much better. Does the MOD 'Show me' produce the same lagging trouble as well? Can i use it as an alternative?
  27. I think I remember reading somewhere that researchers at MIT were trying to develop a way to extract Carbon Fibers from CO2 gas. It would be nice if the air scrubbers, (or some other new device), produced carbon fibers that could be used as a filtration medium
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