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  1. Yesterday
  2. 215079

    Fixed bug where Birchnutters can still escape while frozen. Fixed missing emote sounds for /sit and /squat Fixed missing mount sounds for yawn animation. Fixed missing dirt in dug Spiky Bush animations. Fixed incorrect inspect strings for picked Succulents. Fixed bug where hover text may not reset correctly on mod configuration screen. Fixed rarity of the The Ancient Explorer.
  3. 214994

    Added sound effects for mounted emotes. Added an inspect window for Scarecrow skins. Meteor impact no longer destroys Backpacks. Reduced physics radius for Mushtrees and Cave Banana Trees. Fixed missing torso in some Woodie animations. Fixed bug where Tooth Traps sometimes slide on the ground when deployed.
  4. Last week
  5. 214724

    Floppy Straw Hat skin can now be applied Rain Hat and Miner Hat. /joy emote can now be used while mounted. Eating or cooking a Mandrake will no longer put Players (other than yourself) to sleep on non-PvP servers. Fixed bug where mounts are unaffected by AoE sleep even after their rider is knocked out. Fixed bug where Bearger can sometimes move at running speed while walking.
  6. 214633

    Fixed another crash dealing with min spec detection
  7. 214603

    Spear skins can now be applied to Fire Staff and Ice Staff. Fixed crash when an invalid parameter is passed to the /rollback command Fixed bug where Unseen Hands could not be damaged by casting the Weather Pain. Fixed bug where Shadow Creatures being removed by the destabilizing Ancient Gateway were still dropping loot. Fixed animation glitches in the Player mind control loop. Fixed animation bug when chopping down a burning Poison Birchnut Tree. Fixed bug where using Fire or Ice Staff against a charged Volt Goat would electrocute the caster. Fixed bug where using any ranged weapon against a target wearing Scalemail would burn the attacker. Fixed bug where failing to catch a Boomerang while wearing Scalemail would burn yourself.
  8. 214506

    Fixed a crash that occured during combat Fixed a crash that occured at startup when improperly detecting a machine's min spec
  9. Earlier
  10. 213053

    A New Reign BETA branch is now disabled. Please see this thread for more information:
  11. 212991

    Fixed crash sometimes when retrofitting A New Reign content into existing worlds. Bunnyman will no longer switch to Beardlord specific animations, since not all players may be seeing them as Beardlords at the same time.
  12. 212823

    Fixed bug where poop thrown by Splumonkey can land and stay outside of valid ground. Improved resolution for Reanimated Skeleton animations.
  13. 212628

    Unwrapping Bundled Supplies will now check for valid ground before dropping the items. Fixed bug causing Bee Queen to summon more Grumble Bees than normal whenever they chase players too far away while enraged. Fixed bug where hammering an Ancient Pseudoscience Station can sometimes fail to produce a random spawn.
  14. 212539

    Reanimated Skeleton will no longer appear to stop for long delays when following a Thurible. Reanimated Skeleton will now attack Spiders in the Caves automatically. Reanimated Skeleton will no longer attack stationary entities like Ruins Relics, Walls, Slurtle Mounds, etc. (unless provoked, e.g. Houndius Shootius attacks.) Broken Thulecite Crown will now auto-equip the next one immediately even if there is currently a shield. /yawn and /sleepy emotes can now be used while mounted. Flowers spawned by Bees are now excluded from regrowth logic to reduce server load. Fixed bug where Giants were not destroying Mini Glaciers properly. Fixed bug where Pengulls did not react properly when damaged by Blow Darts. Fixed bug where Ruins music may not change back to Caves music after leaving the Ruins. Fixed bug where Poison Birchnut Trees will never resume combat once they have gone off-screen once. Fixed crash sometimes when Poison Birchnut Trees go off-screen.
  15. 211992

    Large Ornate Chest is now guaranteed to contain more than just the Ancient Key. Improved Antlion Sinkhole warnings. Fixed bug where Hounds can sometimes fail to spawn for players standing near the edge of the world.
  16. 211867

    Thermal Upgrade is now Live! Features: New Ice Biome New buildings including the Space Heater, Liquid Tepidizer, Textile Factory and Thermo Switch New Duplicant outfits New Plants New Steam Geysers Food can now be preserved in sterile and/or cold environments Pipes can now burst, and will take damage if the wrong element is piped into them Duplicants are temperature sensitive and will get stressed in hot and cold areas Duplicants can overheat and develop temperature-based diseases Circuits can overload Buildings can overheat Mechanized Airlocks can be assigned custom access permissions Dupes will now auto-repair buildings
  17. 211704

    Dead Dupes with overridden access door controls that have been placed in a Tasteful Memorial should no longer cause autosaving to crash Deconstructing/reconnecting piping systems should no longer cause the pipe network to stop working Liquid Pumps should properly pump liquid when only partially covered by liquid. Previously if the bottom left cell was gas, the pump would run but fail to pull liquid into the pipe. Dupes who died while in the middle of a delivery should no longer crash the game when placed in a Tasteful Memorial
  18. 211689

    Updated Ancient Fuelweaver’s death sequence, which no longer snaps nearby players’ cameras. Retuned Ancient Fuelweaver slightly and fixed issues where some abilities would fail to trigger even after their cooldown. The Atrium room can no longer be terraformed.
  19. 211579

    Having too many falling liquid particles should no longer cause the game to crash Pumping an incorrect element into a building will now either dump that element on the floor or pump it through instead of destroying the mass Buildings should now heat up the world more than they heat themselves up, making them less likely to overheat The Hydrofan should no longer remove massive amounts of energy from the world causing gases to freeze Seeds that have been partially consumed by a Hatch should no longer crash the game when they try and replant themselves Mechanized Airlocks with access controls turned on should no longer stop Dupes who have access to use the materials on the other side of the door Crashes that occur during saving/autosaving should no longer corrupt your save files
  20. 211417

    Attacking creatures should no longer cause a crash Planter Boxes should no longer request more seeds than they require when a plant dies while planted in them Switches should no longer cause circuit bugs when they are deconstructed/saved/loaded The "All" button on storage filters should now only require a single click to activate Deconstructing buildings should no longer drop unsweepable zero mass objects Fixed bug where Oxylite was emitting much less oxygen than it was in previous builds
  21. 211197

    Incapacitated Dupes who die because no one rescued them should no longer cause a crash Plants should not die as frequently from overheating while in Planter Boxes Reed Fiber should now properly merge into one object when two or more land on the same tile The load screen should no longer crash for people who have really old corrupt save files Using/Emitting status items on the Algae Distillery, Fertilizer Maker and Compost buildings should now display correctly Clothing should no longer disappear when Dupes move around Trying to pick up a piece of ice that has just melted should no longer crash Fixed some temperature/liquid simulation crashes Fertilizer has been tuned further Dupes should no longer deliver infinite water to the Microbe Musher or the Super Computer
  22. 211169

    Odd Skeleton can now be reanimated next to the Ancient Gateway in the Atrium, triggering a boss fight. (Please note that the loot table is temporary, and will be completed in a later update.) Flowers planted by players will no longer grow back after being picked. Fixed bug where burnt Flowers would not grow back over time. Fixed bug with Fence placement controls. Fixed bug where Antlion may respawn in the same Summer after being killed if it rains. Physics optimization for recently placed structures.
  23. 210489

    fixed a world gen bug where there sometimes wasn't enough metal in the starting biome fixed a crash when using the flush toilet fixed a crash when building a lot of ladders/doors next to each other fixed a crash when save/loading equipment fixed a crash when connecting insulated pipes to regular pipes
  24. 210320

    fixed crash when you dug up a significant amount of your world fixed crash if you were inspecting your circuit when a building got destroyed planter box side screen shows more details about the plant's requirements bristle blossoms produce more food, require less fertilizer and have a wider temperature range fixed input/output amounts on various sources of polluted dirt/water/fertilizer water purifier conversion rate now matches it's description fixed a falling liquid mass loss bug
  25. 210199

    fixed crash when using localization files with different format specifies fixed pathfinding crash with pufts in really large spaces fixed invalid ore temperature crash
  26. 210162

    Features: New Ice Biome New buildings including the Space Heater, Liquid Tepidizer, Textile Factory and Thermo Switch New Duplicant outfits New Plants New Steam Geysers Food can now be preserved in sterile and/or cold environments Pipes can now burst, and will take damage if the wrong element is piped into them Duplicants are temperature sensitive and will get stressed in hot and cold areas Duplicants can overheat and develop temperature-based diseases Circuits can overload Buildings can overheat Mechanized Airlocks can be assigned custom access permissions Dupes will now auto-repair buildings Known Issues: Equipped outfits will often disappear Fixes: Research and cooking buildings no longer provide restful sleep Dupes will always eat the least fresh item out of a food container Better player feedback for rotting food Ore properly melts Creatures can no longer walk through “auto” or “closed” doors The refill percent on the coal generator can now be set Tiles display the correct temperature Panning speed scales based on zoom level Fixed invisible Muckroot plants Added a jump between ladders that are one tile away to fix a case where building a ladder could prevent Dupes from going back the way they came Fixed many mass conservation bugs in plumbing systems Improved mass conservation on doors closing Improved mass conservation on tile construction Improved mass conservation of falling liquids Shower liquid output temperature is same as input Pumps consume liquid/gas from the four cells they cover instead of the bottom left cell only Storage shows food freshness Algae Terrariums no longer stop working if their inventory is full Duplicant traits cno longer prevent them from performing their profession task Composting interval is much longer so it spits out larger chunks Mealwood Plants now give negative decor Tiles which have taken liquid pressure damage are now repairable Dupes no longer get stuck when the ladder they were standing on gets deconstructed Lights will no longer appear “on” if something else in the area is shining light on top of them Fixed zombie Morbs Memory optimization Fmod upgrade (should resolve some audio crashes) Misc crash/bug fixes
  27. 209706

    Fixed bug where Players can sometimes be teleported off land when using The Lazy Deserter. Fixed audio bug with The Lazy Deserter. Fixed bug where Players can sometimes encounter a single rogue Eye Plant somewhere in the World. Fixed bug where Earthquake frequency customization had the opposite effect.
  28. 209567

    Mini Glaciers placed during World Gen will no longer dry up permanently. Mandrakes now have a chance to drop from Klaus’s Loot Stash. Bundling Wrap is now learnt from a Blueprint dropped by Bee Queen (or Klaus’s Loot Stash). Players who have already prototyped Bundling Wrap in existing Worlds do not need to learn it again. Beefalo will no longer walk away from you when you are trying to carry a heavy object onto it. Fixed bug where Ancient Pseudoscience Station sometimes respawns incorrectly during ruins regeneration (currently only triggered by running c_resetruins()). Optimizations for particle and sound effects on objects such as Torches.
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