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  2. 211417

    Attacking creatures should no longer cause a crash Planter Boxes should no longer request more seeds than they require when a plant dies while planted in them Switches should no longer cause circuit bugs when they are deconstructed/saved/loaded The "All" button on storage filters should now only require a single click to activate Deconstructing buildings should no longer drop unsweepable zero mass objects Fixed bug where Oxylite was emitting much less oxygen than it was in previous builds
  3. 211197

    Incapacitated Dupes who die because no one rescued them should no longer cause a crash Plants should not die as frequently from overheating while in Planter Boxes Reed Fiber should now properly merge into one object when two or more land on the same tile The load screen should no longer crash for people who have really old corrupt save files Using/Emitting status items on the Algae Distillery, Fertilizer Maker and Compost buildings should now display correctly Clothing should no longer disappear when Dupes move around Trying to pick up a piece of ice that has just melted should no longer crash Fixed some temperature/liquid simulation crashes Fertilizer has been tuned further Dupes should no longer deliver infinite water to the Microbe Musher or the Super Computer
  4. 211169

    Odd Skeleton can now be reanimated next to the Ancient Gateway in the Atrium, triggering a boss fight. (Please note that the loot table is temporary, and will be completed in a later update.) Flowers planted by players will no longer grow back after being picked. Fixed bug where burnt Flowers would not grow back over time. Fixed bug with Fence placement controls. Fixed bug where Antlion may respawn in the same Summer after being killed if it rains. Physics optimization for recently placed structures.
  5. 210794

    <p> There are still a number of things we want to fix/tune in the preview,&nbsp;so we have a&nbsp;new target release date for the Thermal Upgrade on&nbsp;May 29th.&nbsp; </p> <p> For now we have a bunch of fixes and changes today. Thanks for all the great feedback and bug reports, please keep them coming! </p> <ul> <li> fertilization tuning, plants require more fertilizer, fert maker produces less </li> <li> bristle blossoms have a lower max temperature </li> <li> dupes should no longer get stuck trying to go through locked pneumatic doors </li> <li> dupes should no longer get stuck trying to attack creatures that are no longer in reach </li> <li> loading a save game from the main menu no longer causes music to behave strangely </li> <li> plants should no longer fail to produce their crop if they become stifled/died soon after being harvested </li> <li> geysers should spawn once again(they will still sometimes become ridiculously overpressurized) </li> <li> zero mass falling liquid should no longer cause a crash </li> <li> coal generator should take much longer to overheat </li> <li> thimble reeds should properly grow when submerged and be stifled when exposed </li> <li> pufts should no longer fail to produce slime </li> <li> mush bars should now give you diarrhea </li> <li> iron gut should now actually prevent disease, instead of causing it </li> <li> doors should properly deconstruct and no longer leave behind magical untranslated steel </li> <li> deconstructing a building which had a missing foundation when loading a save game should no longer crash the game </li> <li> pausing the game for a long time while in an overlay should no longer cause the game to run out of memory </li> <li> support for language specific fonts(more details can be found <a href="" rel="">here</a>) </li> <li> support for chinese character set using a language specific font </li> </ul> <p> &nbsp; </p>
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  7. 210489

    fixed a world gen bug where there sometimes wasn't enough metal in the starting biome fixed a crash when using the flush toilet fixed a crash when building a lot of ladders/doors next to each other fixed a crash when save/loading equipment fixed a crash when connecting insulated pipes to regular pipes
  8. 210320

    fixed crash when you dug up a significant amount of your world fixed crash if you were inspecting your circuit when a building got destroyed planter box side screen shows more details about the plant's requirements bristle blossoms produce more food, require less fertilizer and have a wider temperature range fixed input/output amounts on various sources of polluted dirt/water/fertilizer water purifier conversion rate now matches it's description fixed a falling liquid mass loss bug
  9. 210199

    fixed crash when using localization files with different format specifies fixed pathfinding crash with pufts in really large spaces fixed invalid ore temperature crash
  10. 210162

    Features: New Ice Biome New buildings including the Space Heater, Liquid Tepidizer, Textile Factory and Thermo Switch New Duplicant outfits New Plants New Steam Geysers Food can now be preserved in sterile and/or cold environments Pipes can now burst, and will take damage if the wrong element is piped into them Duplicants are temperature sensitive and will get stressed in hot and cold areas Duplicants can overheat and develop temperature-based diseases Circuits can overload Buildings can overheat Mechanized Airlocks can be assigned custom access permissions Dupes will now auto-repair buildings Known Issues: Equipped outfits will often disappear Fixes: Research and cooking buildings no longer provide restful sleep Dupes will always eat the least fresh item out of a food container Better player feedback for rotting food Ore properly melts Creatures can no longer walk through “auto” or “closed” doors The refill percent on the coal generator can now be set Tiles display the correct temperature Panning speed scales based on zoom level Fixed invisible Muckroot plants Added a jump between ladders that are one tile away to fix a case where building a ladder could prevent Dupes from going back the way they came Fixed many mass conservation bugs in plumbing systems Improved mass conservation on doors closing Improved mass conservation on tile construction Improved mass conservation of falling liquids Shower liquid output temperature is same as input Pumps consume liquid/gas from the four cells they cover instead of the bottom left cell only Storage shows food freshness Algae Terrariums no longer stop working if their inventory is full Duplicant traits cno longer prevent them from performing their profession task Composting interval is much longer so it spits out larger chunks Mealwood Plants now give negative decor Tiles which have taken liquid pressure damage are now repairable Dupes no longer get stuck when the ladder they were standing on gets deconstructed Lights will no longer appear “on” if something else in the area is shining light on top of them Fixed zombie Morbs Memory optimization Fmod upgrade (should resolve some audio crashes) Misc crash/bug fixes
  11. 209706

    Fixed bug where Players can sometimes be teleported off land when using The Lazy Deserter. Fixed audio bug with The Lazy Deserter. Fixed bug where Players can sometimes encounter a single rogue Eye Plant somewhere in the World. Fixed bug where Earthquake frequency customization had the opposite effect.
  12. 209567

    Mini Glaciers placed during World Gen will no longer dry up permanently. Mandrakes now have a chance to drop from Klaus’s Loot Stash. Bundling Wrap is now learnt from a Blueprint dropped by Bee Queen (or Klaus’s Loot Stash). Players who have already prototyped Bundling Wrap in existing Worlds do not need to learn it again. Beefalo will no longer walk away from you when you are trying to carry a heavy object onto it. Fixed bug where Ancient Pseudoscience Station sometimes respawns incorrectly during ruins regeneration (currently only triggered by running c_resetruins()). Optimizations for particle and sound effects on objects such as Torches.
  13. 119

    Don't Starve Together Patch 1.19 - 03/08/2017 (PlayStation 4) Fixed a crash when joining a dedicated server using PSN Presence Fixed a problem where objects that should have been hidden were sometimes being drawn
  14. 118

    Don't Starve Together Patch 1.18 - 03/03/2017 (PlayStation 4) Fixed a crash when joining a server using PSN Presence in co-op mode
  15. 208689

    fixed line spacing when using localized font algae distillery has a much longer conversion interval so that it spits out larger chunks and dupes don't have to run back and forth as much fixed a bug with the massage table where it would load into a bad state dupes no longer use the massage table during red alert water purifier is now prioritizable air deodorizer is now prioritizable
  16. 117

    Don't Starve Together Patch 1.17 - 01/03/2017 (PlayStation 4) Fixed being unable to view Ensemble Info in the Collection screen Fixed the gameplay hitch during world autosave Fixed an issue that could make older worlds crash while loading Fixed being stuck in the "Launching Server" popup when a world save is damaged Fixed Meat Bulb instant spawning bug caused by attacking it immediately after planting Fixed bug where Birchnut Tree leaves were sometimes in the wrong season Wildfires will no longer trigger while the ground is still wet and drying off after rain
  17. 208557

    hatches should no longer eat dupes fixed another crash when dealing with extreme temperatures fixed an fmod audio crash font support for most of the first eight thousand unicode characters
  18. 208348

    fixed some crashes that could occur when dealing with extreme/impossible temperatures
  19. 208233

    Wildfires will no longer trigger while the ground is still wet and drying off after rain. Fixed Meat Bulb instant spawning bug caused by attacking it immediately after planting. Fixed bug where Birchnut Tree leaves were sometimes in the wrong season. Beta - 208275 Added speech hints for attempting to use the Shadow Atrium on incorrectly reassembled Odd Skeletons that cannot be reanimated. Fixed bug with the Ice Flingomatic range indicator blocking the mouse cursor.
  20. 208196

    dupes should no longer fall through the floor capped max profession decor expectation things marked for deconstruct should still be marked for deconstruct after save/load fixed a bug where mass was being lost in pipes fixed a bug where your save files were being marked as corrupt if your base name used unicode characters fixed a crash when certain objects were loaded in the entombed state fixed audio crash when an object that just hit the ground got destroyed
  21. 207966

    Changes The Atrium has been added deep within the Ruins. This zone is still under construction, but feel free to get a head start on discovering the way in! Ornate Chests and the Large Ornate Chest can no longer be destroyed. Odd Skeleton can now be reanimated in the Caves, triggering a fairly basic fight with no special loot. This will eventually become part of a bigger theme, which involves a couple of other forms that will be added over the next weeks. Antlion now accepts Cut Stones and Thermal Stones as tribute. Make sure they’re not ice cold or burning hot though, unless of course you’re looking for a fight! Retrofitting To properly add the Atrium zone to an existing world, the world must be saved and reloaded again after retrofitting. The easiest way to do this is by quitting back to the main menu and then reloading the world one more time. (For dedicated servers, use c_save() to manually save, and then restart the servers.) If all Ornate Chests have been destroyed, retrofitting will not be able to bring them back. Ruins will eventually be able to regenerate, but for now, we invite admins to test the basic functionality via console commands: Use “c_resetruins()” while in the caves. Damaged Clockwork, Splumonkey Pods, Slurpers, Worms, and the Ancient Guardian will be respawned when the ruins are reset. Ornate Chests will reset their treasure. Large Ornate Chest will despawn and be replaced by a new Ancient Guardian. Make sure you didn’t leave anything valuable in it. Bug Fixes Caves world gen is now guaranteed to add the Ancient Guardian. Forest world gen is now guaranteed to add the Pig King. Ruins music!
  22. 207683

    initial translation support fixed gas filter not saving properly fixed a navigation problem where a dupe thought the best way to climb up a ladder was to wait for the airlock across from the ladder to open fixed a crash when duplicants would try and deliver a piece of ore that had been destroyed fixed a crash when some objects were destroyed while playing a looping sound fixed a crash when inspecting calories while a dupe was eating food fixed a crash if you attempted to load a game where an object fell outside the world
  23. 207380

    fixed a crash that occured on startup when launching the game connected to certain tvs fixed a bug where pumps would only try and pump the first gas they ever pumped added support for fullscreen aspect ratios other than 16/9 and 16/10
  24. 207167

    fixed crash that could occur if dupes attempted to pickup an item of zero mass fixed crash when you looked at the disease tooltip as it was expiring fixed crash when dupe went to eat at a table, decided they had to go to the bathroom and then went back to eating fixed huge performance drop when the top of the world accidentally got transformed into a huge mercury pool and liquid was spawning everywhere(only fixes the problem in new worlds) fixed a crash when you tried to move a dupe outside of the world fixed a crash when you tried to tell a dupe's corpse to get out of the way fixed a crash when a mealwood was blocked from growing and was at the wrong temperature fixed another crash when renaming dupes
  25. 206915

    base name now shows up in the top left corner jobs that are too deep underwater now show up as unreachable better crash info if the VC++ runtime is not properly installed fixed a problem where the "below min spec" screen would popup when it shouldn't disable fmod logging in release build fixed a memory leak if your duplicants frequently ran out of oxygen fixed a crash on startup if a save file cannot be opened fixed a crash if you told a building to repair after it had been repaired fixed a crash when replacing tiles with other tiles fixed a crash that sometimes happened when renaming duplicants show a warning if you leave the input screen without binding all keys fixed a crash if you dug up the cell a hatch was hiding in after the hatch died
  26. 116

    Don't Starve Together Patch 1.16 - 17/02/2017 (PlayStation 4) - Fixed not being able to use or pick up the Cherub's Heart - Fixed the Miscellaneous menu not being available to clients on a hosted server - Fixed button focus issues in the Miscellaneous menu when the first option(s) are disabled - Fixed calculation of diminishing returns for WX-78’s Overcharge.
  27. 206776

    fixed a crash when a building tried to use gas from a liquid pipe or liquid from a gas pipe
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