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  1. Today
  2. Happy Birthday

    didn't know it was today until I saw minespatch's post.


    Happy Birthday! :wilson_celebrate:

  3. @DragonMage156, I'm in a middle of a commission but if you're patient, I'll try my fast to draw you a birthday present. I already got my references, just need to finish a project.:wilson_smile:


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    2. StarmanNess


      Ooh, sounds like a toughie.

      You can take your time on mine if you want to work on Dragon's B-Day present. I'll understand 100% :cool2:

    3. minespatch


      I already finished yours. Just going to post it with the art dump today. Sorry for the wait. ariel crashes copy.png

    4. StarmanNess


      No rush, amigo. ;)

  4. Praise be unto the holy Opalca


    1. Donke60


      enjoy the party you two

  6. Yesterday
  7. ninja!!.png

    Is this @Ninjanemo's idea of a birthday gift? 0_0 Although it adds to my rep, I freak out when something like this happens :?

    1. Destros09


      I had 500+ after I hadn't logged for a day

      but i did accidentally follow the entire site

    2. GiddyGuy



      I freak out when something like this happens :?


  8. Did you hear, the place where you got your name is closing 

    1. Weirdobob


      Oh no, what happened

    2. Destros09


      My 92700 coins brought over from the ds game are worthless now

    3. Weirdobob


      Oh, cloob pango. Yeah, I knew about that.

      Luckily, there's virtual penguin, a private server of sorts which is meant to help club penguin live on.

  9. ;):p

    Idk if you guys remembered (or if it's even the 28th yet) but I'm not the kind of person to ask for free fanart or anything (even on my birthday) but sometimes I can be a little too subtle (._. )

    So instead, I'm just gonna play out today the same as I always will (with the addition of waking 30 minutes early but my mum was excited to see me suffer leave my teen years)


    Come back…

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    2. DragonMage156


      Oh god wtf? XD

    3. Ninjanemo


      It's my present for you!

      ...Don't you like it?

    4. DragonMage156


      Was the like spam a present too? About 150 if I may add...

  10. The army of toast has invaded your profile


  11. Any of you Gorillaz fans? If you are, excited for Humanz? I am.

  12. Shaddup ham no one cares about your mod ideas!

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    2. Gotheran


      You gunna put Wellington into it?










      Didn't think so

    3. ImDaMisterL


      Characters are all set and done, sorry.

      Though maybe we could add new ones in the future after it's done.

      Who knows.

    4. Gotheran


      hecking heck

  13. ONI meme.jpg

    1. Destros09


      Here's another one,

      (picture of brain exploding)

      -dupes switching ladders

    2. DragonMage156


      I've done all of these XD (except maybe the first one)

    3. ThePreChewedTree


      W H E R E  T O  B U Y  O N I

  14. Me when reading ONI threads.




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    2. GiddyGuy


      And that's me when playing Enter the Gungeon and trying to get through those rooms that have turrets and moving platforms. 

    3. minespatch


      I feel like a elementary student on a math test when I enter ONI threads. :wilson_ecstatic:

    4. DragonMage156


      That's why I just stick to art threads XD

  15. I used to read Gulp and Gasp with my brother, we role play as the villains, play myself as the dimwit Crouch, and my brother as Septic. Today, i think our personality got mixed with the story's character, now we just need to find a damsel and a hero wearing a boxer.

    1. minespatch


      What's Gulp and Gasp?

    2. DarithD


      A simple short story for when i was grade four, it got this hero save damsel scenario with hilarious quotes at the end, you can find it in the internet i think, it's pretty great and memorable. I just wish i have the book to put it in my collection but eh, it's government property, i had to return it.

  16. Congrats on your senior member title matey

    I'll go get the "home" for ya.

  17. Finally got another chapter ready to be edited. I didn't want to wait so long to get to chapter two but life got in the way.


    You'd better find resources before night comes!

    With the sound of a puff of smoke, Jack woke. His sockets blinking to adjust to this new world around him. He could hear waves nearby besides calm wildlife.

    Standing up, Jack took notice of the slight vegetation and repeating elements. Twigs, flint, carrots, trees. Something seemed strangely mechanical to the organic arena of items. He could only hum in thought as he reached toward the shoreline.

    Kneeling down, something seemed off. The water had a sense of simulation as well. Sharp and bouncing. Almost having the look of paper. It was as though Jack were standing on a stage for a play but instead of a stage, he was among wildlife.

    He glanced down at his wrist, realizing the soul robber was still on. Whatever corresponded at Spiral Hill had happened. Jack regretted that handshake but now he had to take note of the stranger's message: Finding resources.

    Still stuck from where he woke up, Skellington realized that resources were right in front of his face. A bountiful supply with just the right ingenuity could help him succeed for whatever he would encounter this night.

    A sickly bush without any leaves called upon Jack. He shrugged as he pulled it off to get some sticks. Then a few flints out of interest. Yet something caught Jack off in horror as the second flint was picked up.

    There was a list of recipies in his mind. As though he knew them already. Recipies for making axes, pickaxes, and torches. He should have already known how to make these, but this island forced him to stick to what formated in his mind. A relevation like this made JAck kneel to take this all in for a moment.

    Breathing for a moment, he took his chances taking in what his mind forced. Working to make a Axe first to chop trees.

    The rest of the day seemed pretty successful. Taking in whatever resources he needed to make a simple camp. It wasn't the lavish lifestyle he had at home but he could make this work.

    He glanced up at the sky. Noticing more simulated components and fog. It appeared to be sunny, but the sun was just as wooden as the sea. Hanging by rope and having a mechanical clock look to it. Letters telling him it was just a day. Jack could only glare at this, wishing for his Jack-O-laturn sun's smile.

    The skeleton crafted a campfire by the afternoon and took leave of his waking area. Wanting to sightsee some of the island he was on.

    Jack traveled through the island, glancing at all the pine and plantlife. The further he got away from the shoreline, the more alone he felt. Birds did keep his mind at peace. Dropping seeds here and there, but not enough to satiate his longing for his civilians. Regretting how exhausted he was from all their eagerness to hear from him.

    Time drenched on quickly on the island. Faster than he expected. Jack glanced up at the emulated sun, seeing the timer reaching the blue colors. He could only wonder as the foggy sky was turning redder in it's change. Jack felt like he had to get back to his camp yet... Something compelled him to go on.

     The soul robber on his wrist was actually starting to glow as the area around him was getting darker. Night falling before he knew. The fact his tool was glowing left Jack to a relief. He didn't have to make a torch after all. Yet the light was limited. His brows furrowed, knowing he'd have to struggle with what limited light he did have. Jack kept his arm at a cocked angle. The angle slightly hurt but it was helpful in his search.

    So on he blindly went on through the island and its growing trees. Hearing rustling noises around in the dark. Jack moved his head at several angles in his concern. Such worry was starting to give his skull phantom pains. Not sure as to where the pain was coming from but it was there.

    He walked faster through the forest. Deeper and deeper in his search for any sentient life. Jack could feel dread in his loneliness, a foreign feeling he never had  before. Thoughts racing through his mind, wondering if the swallowtail suited man dragged him here to test this weakness?

    With a audial crack of a twig, Jack froze in his journey. The tall skeleton stretched his long fingers in defense. Bringing his arms in front of his face to guard himself from whatever the menace was.

    Another crack.

    Jack turned around. The cracks were showing the origins of a intelligent source not like that of the rabbits from earlier. Such knowledge left Jack finding this to be a blessing and a curse. Only hoping that this source was human and not of a beast.

    The final crack caused Jack to spread out his arms in ready to attack.

    Finding a crazed bearded man lunging after him.

    The ending to the chapter needs fixing but I'll be discussing that with @Arlesienne on discord. Looking forward to doing illustrations after this is finished.

    1. WishIHadAFridge




    2. minespatch


      Yup, that's Wilson. Poor island ridden Wilson. :wilson_ecstatic:


      Though I think anyone would react to Jack that way.

  18. Favourite TV Show is Ending soon (Its a Disney Channel One) Don't Judge Me.

    So Sad. Literally the best show ever :wilson_cry:

    1. DragonMage156


      We haven't had Sky in years so I wouldn't know about that one, sorry :/

  19. I just re-read the first 3 chapters of Survive the Shadows but now I can't stop.


    Also, I think it was Spring when Wilson arrived in the Don't Starve world. And I bet one of the tunes Wilson was humming was Scientific Symphony ;)

    I don't wanna double post in StS Story thread but I wanna share my own little theories ^_^

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    2. artistcrab
    3. DragonMage156


      Ooh... ok it's long but interesting ^_^ I'd say it's worth it if you don't mind lengthy stories :)

    4. DragonMage156


      @minespatch you have to tag her, didn't you XD

  20. Last week
  21. Quote
    Good morning Ariel,
    Please send me the name of your piece today, as I will be printing the name tags tomorrow.  Please deliver your piece to 217 Brew Works next Sunday, April 2nd, between 12 pm and 2 pm.  I will have a contract for you to sign at that time.
    Congrats and I will see you next Sunday.

    So my work is being featured. Hoping this painting will be sold for $50:

    20170317-Hops growing out of walls.png

    1. TheKingDedede


      Not bad, I'd say. I like the soft out lines used for objects, and that's some good shading you've got going on there.

    2. minespatch


      I don't want to d a repeat of the merm house piece. I intend to do colored lines and such from now on. Black outlines were just a DS related thing.


      The piece is still rough in my opinion. I want to do softer piece in the future.

  22. JqvzTTh.png

    It's an ok game.

    It's actually amazing

  23. Am I the only one that thinks Warly might be a ravenous and bloody killer
    who hides his murderous tendencies under the guise of a chef. Hiding his appetite of constant bloodshed and picking on new things, as him being a "picky" eater.

    Wow thats really demented isn't it?
    Well in any case I'm waiting for that creeypasta.

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    2. Donke60


      I don't think he could go into cannibalism he still a gent and is superstitious 
      and it's common knowledge of bad omens of human flesh

    3. Mobbstar


      *cough* Hannibal Lecter *cough*

    4. Donke60


      We don't talk about him!
      I honestly don't like him as a killer not sure why

  24. Who here remembers the klei forums rpg?

    1. Pyromailmann
    2. ImDaMisterL
    3. imsomony


      I think I do, I didn't take part but it was fun to watch people participate.

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