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      Rhymes with Play 127 - Oxygen Not Included Art Stream   02/22/2017

      Join the Klei team this Thursday February 23rd at 3:30 PM PST (11:30 PM UTC), where we will be playing the game, showing off concept art, as well as sharing the art process for Oxygen Not Included, only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast on Twitch. Where is it?
      On our official Twitch channel here:
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  2. Thanks for the quick replsy buddy Are you sure i get the full game buying the alpha? so its 19.99 euros the game right?
  3. Sorry I forgot one more - straight line confuses me
  4. There's a link to buy the alpha in the thread. The Steam page has the full game, not this Alpha version. And yes, if you buy the Alpha you will get the full game, don't worry
  5. Will the update be out tonight or tomorrow ?
  6. Could you please post your dxdiag?
  7. I really wanted some new entity that would hunt you down, something like...the Screecher to make the game feel more intense!
  8. How would you recommend balancing that with the current vomit system? Do we know if the dupes can only vomit as much water as they've ingested?
  9. yes i know, but when i go to the steam page it says this : Available: When it's ready! https://gyazo.com/d108c871c01db1bfa48b4f34909bcd0d Instead of allowing me to buy it
  10. Having a lot of wires and electrical devices seems to lower FPS, sometimes in half, when at the power overlay. This is somewhat problematic when placing a lot on new wiring, since it forces this overlay.
  11. Well, logs from the non-crashed shard are kinda useless.. Can you get the server logfile? It's stored under <cluster directory>/Master/server_log.txt
  12. Did you let duplicant toggle it before saving?
  13. Ok, thanks. I'll set a reminder on my phone to check this in 2 months!
  14. Alright folks, figured it was time to post a base pic. Here is my base at cycle 200 and 20 dups, as well as 300 and 30 dups. Base Strategy: Basically I went with a puke-only dup strategy and took advantage of every exploit in the game right now. Sickness doesn't matter. Puke is actually helpful when you can catch it and purify it. Meal Lice and Bitter Blossoms are the only way to go, since they require zero water. The tricky part of farming is pressure and temperature control, so I use a cooled air pump system that works wonders. At this point, my primary limiters are sand and slime, but as you can see I've got sand enough to last another 900 Cycles, and the map is pretty much ALL slime. So I would imagine I could hold steady here and make it to Cycle 1000 and beyond! Once sand is gone (non-renewable) I will continue to work on my distillery project. You can't see it in the pictures but I have a shaft to the bottom of the map where I pumped contaminated water to create steam. However, I was unable to effectively cool that steam down into water in a reliable way. Will try again in the future for sure. Here is the Good-Bad-Ugly: Good: Love the art and animation style Love the focus on science Love the future balance between oxygen, food, stress, temperature, pressure, etc Love the idea hybrid sims/ant farm/survival Bad (bugs): Air and water valves do not seem to function at all when placed over existing pipes Air and water filters do not save filter choice upon reload Dups stuck between pathing and die upon path resolution Steam does not cool in the air conditioner (note all the AC units I attempted to use to cool it) Machines output tiny 1000g items that are picked up a thousand times (similar issues with small water puddles) Unable to empty/sweep bottles on the ground Items appear to retain the temperature of the materials used to make them. forever. Abyssalite does not appear to actual cool down anything in contact with it. Seemingly random complete crashes when I mouse click in and out of the game a lot (no crash report window) Significant lag (game/engine related, not PC as nothing was maxing out) past cycle 150ish and ~20 dups. Constant lag issues at 300 cycles and 30 dups. Ugly (gameplay/mechanics): There appears to be no downside to getting sick at the moment Choosing 100% vomit dups is OP if you build your base to collect it all Would love to see a secondary filtration to sand. Or a way to create sand from something else. That being said, for an alpha game there is a significant amount of gameplay here! Although a significant amount of it is exploits. Thanks for looking!
  15. I'm at 21 right now, not having much problem. The game has so much slime and contaminated water that you really can't run out of oxygen. Food takes care of itself. What else is there to worry about? Obviously it's not infinitely sustainable, but right now I'm not even using sand/algae/water to keep going.
  16. I can't buy the game on steam now, did they stop selling the game?
  17. Power switches do not save states after save \ load. It will back on ON state after load even if you have it OFF when save. After load wisually switch will be off - but pump will be pumping ignoring it. To fix you have to turn switch on \ off again manually. On save: after load: Here save file in case it's needed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8rene5k0kb0g2mf/bad steam.sav?dl=0
  18. Hello, So i played the game only since yesterday, not a big amount of time. At the moment, i find the research tree a little bland, it lacks something more exiting. Of course, we are in alpha, of course some suggestions here could already be planned. So my main suggestion will be : cross research We have 5 main branchs at the moment. Farm, Liquid/Medicine, Gas, Power, Decoration. I would like seeing research requiring a base level in farm and power, for example, for a biomass structure using composting as a source of power. This way you could make choice depending of your current game instead of researching everything because nothing is really special. Example of cross structures : Oxygen Chamber : Require Liquid/Mecidine Knowlegde (2), Gas Knowlegde (2) A small box when you could put a duplicant, either to cure some diseases, or to lower stress. But don't put them into it too often or they will feel trapped and have a malus. If a duplicant suffered from suffocation recently, some time in the oxygen chamber could help him recover. Water condenser : Require Liquid/Mecidine Knowlegde (2), Gas Knowlegde (2) This machine separate the water in the air and allow you to obtain small quantities of water over time. Biomass extractor : Require Gas Knowledge (2), Farm Knowlegde (2) An improved compost, you also obtain some fuel gas. Well : Require Liquid/Mecidine Knowlegde (2), Decoration Knowlegde (1) A decorative structure you could link to a water source, your duplicant can take water from the well to aliment some structure. (Note : i'm aware you could make your own well at the moment with pump, pipe and vent. The idea here is to make it more safe and with a decor value) Of course, there are just some example of new structure, each branch should have a little more structure. But this way, you could make different choice in different games depending of what you need now or what fit your game better. Sure, at the end you'll search everything, but if the order vary enough you add replayability to the game.
  19. Ha! Now this is the weirdest worldgen I've seen so far:


    Of course you are welcome to join Matches and Beard Hair (ANR).

  20. this kinda looks as a bug for me, which should be reported Do not feel right it stay same tempo after build..
  21. I think that once you start using the priority tool, you should be able to click a number on your keyboard rather than needing to go to the bottom right of the screen to select a number.
  22. In eater.lua -> function Eater:Eat( food ) If you scroll down you can see: if food.components.stackable and food.components.stackable.stacksize > 1 and not self.eatwholestack then food.components.stackable:Get():Remove() else food:Remove() end Maybe you could override the Eater:Eat function and add a check for your item name and it's finite uses. If >1 (or 0?) reduce finite uses and skip removing food, otherwise remove food as normal?
  23. I'd like to know this as well. @PeterA? @V2C? @nome?
  24. I know right, but I think they should have asked him if he wanted to work at klei or ask just him if they could continue his work and make a dlc
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