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  2. He sent me 2 voice messages, it's him making sounds of himself crying. Which was the weirdest thing I've ever gotten.
  3. But when u have that bad experience u just should ignore the enitre discuess when someone spams u like this with begging and stuff to be in just play only with Friends on ur main Server like the 2k one. And for the public purpose and still being on ur own server use sub servers when people there trolling it doesnt hurt u much at all and u can easier spot people that are just greedy when ur world isn that old and still play with u from early days.
  4. Do you get the stuff back even if the other player has it in their inventory? Like if they took a krampus sack, went to the caves then logout. I try to message him back asking if he is gonna come back or not but he ignored me and later deleted me off his PSN friend's list. If you rollback do you get all the stuff back? I tried rolling back but never got the krampus sack, and the thulecite items he took.. I rolled back days before this person who was a friend joined and did this to me, never got anything back. I think it stays with that person's inventory.
  5. This. ^ I do technically have Steam friends, but they're rarely able to show up. : P When they do it's really cool, but most of the time I have to play alone. I started on regular DS, though, so I'm more used to it than some. ...Notorious
  6. Woodie is one of my favs in dst! In ds he is crap tho...
  7. Woodie in dst /does/ have good sanity management... but neither his sanity management nor his harvesting is particularly good. Maxwell's sanity management long term is easier, and grabbing cactus flesh/taffy/greencaps to restore after a boss is easier for everyone. Maxwell's harvesting is much faster. With 3 shadow loggers he has a faster peak harvesting rate and can sustain it indefinitely whereas woodie would need to plant pinecones to recover sanity lost from werebeaver or eat some of the wood, and if max adds a digger to get the stumps he pulls even further ahead. Woodie is fun but weak currently.
  8. @jesuisralph gib me chans...I'm sorry I can't get over how they can't spell "chance" And sorry you had to go through all of that, I'm way more happy that DST doesn't have achievements now.
  9. They were forced to make achievements for consoles against their will, so they didn't really try and made some really generic and some really stupid ones.
  10. I dont know anything about PS4 DST but Pc even has rollback features when there comes a troll anyhow throught simply go back before he comes in problem solved.
  11. Sure, doubtful/exaggerated.. I just make things up: http://imgur.com/a/MPivS 50 hours is nothing comparing to 2 months playing w/ almost 2700+ days on my 5th world. I had to rebuild, delete and redo worlds due to trolling.
  12. i need them for uh... research
  13. Do u mean the Quest system or what it was, thats different from Achievments tbh. Achievments are just side rewards for doing x stuff but not needed, Quests are straight jobs to be done to be finished.
  14. Thats not a lot of hours for what type of game DS is. Steams messaging is similar to PSN messaging Thats not the reason as @Lumina pointed out there was an interview about DS when it first came out that explains why they didn't have achivements for what it did to the players when they added a simliar system in Beta. Most people who play DS on the pc are full aware of what counts as cheating and are fully aware of the Dev console. In most cases unless its for moderating or testing in a game the Console is not opened if the player whats to take the game seriously..
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    ...Guys, we were supposed to be working...


    1. Danielance



  16. All the Woodie mains that see this thread's title.
  17. - New server setting to choose if Achievments can earned on the server or not. But as i said already making a mod would be the good solving for the problem probably. Edit : U can simply just put some checks into the code to prevent earning achievments when X stuff was made via console, spawning with mods like too many items is another question but probably somehow possible too maybe. And from what i know is Klei want Freedom in their games and no Straight direction even when we have the Lord and a bit of story going on the game itself is fully free the Season coming in is probably the only straight thing u need to face anyway, but for that Klei added World settings to avoid even that when needed. Trophy Hunters are maybe a bad thing yeah but as already said there is ways to prevent it but another point is even for totally new players achievments could give a bit of directions not everyone likes to be thrown into a world and is all on his own not knowing what to do. One maybe comes now and saying well simply dont play Dont Starve then if u dont like it how it works, but thats why modding is a thing it gives the possibility to making the game to ur own pleasure without the force waiting for offical new updates. And i see other Survival Games that having Achievments without any harm to their game trophy hunter players are probably people u dont want anyway to play with be happy they buy the game giving the devs money and delete after getting the trophys. And to prevent stuff like this above there are ways to prevent it just like kickvote system got revamped to improve the troll kicking. Best Regards
  18. @Donke60 PC players don't know what PS4 players go through in DST. Having achievements will attract more players who just want the achievements for their collection than players that actually wants to play the game (these players are called "boosting trophy hunters": http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/don-t-starve-together/301682-trophy-boosting-thread-read-first-post.html I assume their purpose is to just get the trophies for their collection and delete the game. People will join other people's dedicated server just to use it to earn achievements, there players have zero manners & if you have your world with password protected/or friends only that has more than 1000+ days you'll get a lot of friend requests & harassments through PMs (I don't know how Steam works but on the PS4 console, players can send friend request to others and send private PMs, voice chat parties, etc... which enables people to harass others, I've been harassed a lot by randoms who sent me friend requests to try to get into my world so they can earn PS4 trophies the easy way. Some even try to reason their harassments saying this: "What's the point of playing DST if you don't want to let people into your world, if you want to play alone play the original version instead." My response to this is: I purchased Don't Starve Mega Pack which came with all the DLCs + DST, I'm entitled to play DST alone or with whoever I want." and he still calls me a "d*ck". If Klei forums allows me to show the PSN messages I've gotten I could take screenshots of it and post it here) I think the reason why PC players don't have achievement is because PC players have a huge advantage that console players don't have. PC players have the ability to spawn bosses, weapons, rare items, etc... this will make the achievements not really an "achievement" if you know what I mean since you can just take advantage of the cheat system and earn everything easily. PS4 players actually have to grind, farm stuff to prep to kill bosses, etc... We can't just spawn things like PC players thats why most of the people who sends me friend requests/PSN messages gets mad at me for not letting them into my world to take the "easy way out" to earn achievements. I'm not saying most PC players will use the cheat thing to spawn items but PC players have the advantage to do so, maybe this is why you guys don't have achievements. And YES, Sony requires devs to add trophies to the game they want to publish for PS Vita, PS4 and PS3 so every game has to have trophies in it.
  19. I have no idea why my normal server, just resets after a couple days of not playing.
  20. That's exactly what I had in mind! Especially with the smol spiders.
  21. I really enjoyed getting the trophies on PS4. I made a solo world and got the platinum that way. Took me about 100 in game days Yea I read that post on the ps4 section, but it seems really doubtful/exaggerated. I have about 50 hours on Ps4 DST and I've literally never encountered 1 trophy hunter
  22. Looks like something straight outta Binding of Isaac. Love it. Oh honey, you always were. <3
  23. I've played Woodie more than any other character in DST, and I don't really see why the community thinks he is so weak. He has byfar the best sanity management, even better than Maxwell, IMO. The sanity loss from beavering never even reaches dangerous levels if you manage your time well. What I do is: start at full sanity (easy with how much he gets from saplings), go beaver, chop down a forest, and then replant. The pinecones grant you way more than enough sanity to max out (3 pinecones = 1 cooked green cap). You can even do this many times in succession. The game doesn't really encourage you to avoid beaver form, but you are definitely expected to manage your transformations carefully to avoid insanity. Of course, he saves a lot of time getting wood. Even Maxwell with full harvesters can hardly keep up with his beaver form. Maybe it's because my teammates don't like to gather materials, but it is so handy to just go ham on a forest and fill of several chests of wood. I've also heard that gnawing boulders raises Beaverness, too, so I guess you could use him for fast mining, but I have never tried that. The beaver is really bad at fighting, but it really is not hard to go back to normal before going insane, even without eating a single log. The only issue for sanity is full moons, but you can maintain your humanity by chowing down on a stack or two of wood. You can also just wait out the night as a beaver, but you'll probably run into some issues with Terrorbeaks tearing apart your soft beaver body. The first Deerclops occurring so close to a full moon is a problem that you have to plan ahead for; Deerclops' sanity drain and aggression coupled with freezing damage makes for a bad time. If you're still dealing with Deerclops during the full moon, you better have a stack of wood ready to eat. I don't really notice his insulation bonus or pig befriending expertise. That's everything I have to say about Woodie off the top of my head.
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  25. The shield does not proc on "thorny" damage (rose, cactus, spiky bush...)
  26. Nice work on that!
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