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  2. Technically it is possible though in real world that would be extremely expensive. CO2 is very low energy state of carbon and oxygen so it's better to leave it up to plants and photosynthesis to produce some carbon-rich materials that can be then easily converted to carbon.
  3. @jantonio : Really like that series. What James offers is pretty solid and "please skip the boring game - play and just tell me something" is really welcome. (besides, I adore that soundtrack, if I wasn't a Wes-player I'd totally Woodie just for the soundtrack when in beaver-mode)
  4. Please upload the files described here except the save file since the game didn't get to that point yet.
  5. Well, no, the one I posted a pic of overheated within 3-5 pieces of research. Literally, within seconds, as reported here. I always finished my research well before 30 cycles previously because I always start off with a high-learning dupe.
  6. So far everything that release gasses are in organic so just disable that one?
  7. I agree. Some more badges would be really cool, maybe for other Klei games too.
  8. A feature. Falling sand and snow is something you need to be mindful about.
  9. Thanks for the report - I'll discuss with the team.
  10. Also I have no idea if this is scientifically viable whatsoever but maybe the co2 scrubbers could give you carbon which could then be used as a filtration medium... dunno
  11. pppppppppffff. oops i mean stagehand XD.
  12. I liked the order system in (a quite old game called) Battlezone (1998, video of redux version). Translated to ONI this would be: press the number key in order for: the building section the actual building the material to be used the priority to use RMB would always cancel and bring you back to the start, ^ (left of one) could be 'select the same as last time'. Downside would be to only have 12 buildings per category (1-0 + the two keys right to them), so the pipe/vent section would need to be split into two. It would immensely speed up building stuff, as you wouldn't need to travel away from the build location with the mouse anymore: 2116, place copper Algae Deoxidiser, 3116, place Copper Manual Generator, 3316 lay copper wire - all with priority 6 - then ^^^7 (translates to 3317) would lay more copper wire with higher priority (7). Would really like to see that interface coming back, as it -after some initial struggle to get used to it- it was very intuitive to control. And as you could, in ONI, always use the mouse to click the options it would be for the player to decide to use it (or go into it incrementally).
  13. Maybe there could be different types of beds depending on what your colony needs. Examples: bunk-beds: just 2 cots stacked on top of each other sound-proof: keeps noise in to silence loud sleepers hammocks: cots that hang from the ceiling
  14. Okay, so I've been thinking... creating my own dedicated server without getting anyone's perspective here was perhaps a bad idea. So, this is why I'm doing a VERY basic poll here to see what type of server you guys would like to see in don't starve together. I've got the resources to make really any type of server that's dedicated (Meaning anyone can play without the admin on) and I would love to hear some ideas... like I said, you come up with the idea, and I'll make it! Whichever server idea seems to be the most popular, I will create and notify everyone when it's ready to play. So... LET'S GET BRAINSTORMIN FOLKS.
  15. Yes there should be a way to refine stone/sandstone into sand and your plant fiber idea is fuggin genius. I hope the team sees this.
  16. Hm mm I hope it hasn't gotten weird. Im building a giant u bend to deal with potential flooding from a geyser I popped. its built all out of granite and is 4 and 5 thick but has 15 tile high drop points in it. that could potentially lead to massive repairs. wasn't enough I had to keep digging into it to sweep out debris that woud show up as bright little stars on he actual structure
  17. Maybe different artists badge for each game? Like, say someone makes an ONI fan art and a DS fan art and they both get featured, then they can get one ONI art badge leading to their thread in that section and a DS art badge leading to the other thread.
  18. Heheh. Although I have never had the time, patience or planning ability to make one of these beautiful, decorated, symmetrical megabases (SO JEALOUS) a _lot_ of the way I just naturally play all the time is...surprisingly similar to this! Toothtrap fields, ditch backpack for armour, always, always, ALWAYS have torch/campfire _and_ food materials on me, and when it gets up to the higher numbers of days, I don't go out on a longer exploring/foraging trip until right AFTER the hounds have come, 'cos otherwise I know I'll get interrupted and caught out without my nice traps. Except for the On Tentacles part ('cos I usually tend to play as Willow or Wigfrid) it's almost _weird_ how similar our playstyles are. : P (Where's a picture of MY base to add to this thread? It's not symmetrical and nice, that's where it is. Heh.) ...Notorious
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  20. Simple but balanced. I would not be suprised to see somthing along these lines in the future.
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