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      Rhymes with Play 145 - Oxygen Not Included (Update Preview)   06/27/2017

      Join us on our official Twitch Channel, where we will be previewing content that are currently being developed for the upcoming Oxygen Not Included update. As always, the stream will be going live on Thursday, June 29th at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC), only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast. Note: As the game is still in development, game content shown in the update preview streams may change before going live on Steam Early Access.  Where is it?
      On our official Twitch channel here:
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      Thursday, June 29th 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC). Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:
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  2. And even then, since the Wickerbottom is already making a presti, it would make sense to potentially get blue gems for ice staves as well. After that its just a matter of timing the book with the player unfreezing.
  3. That's the weird thing, it's already there. local function onhit(inst, attacker, target) local impactfx = SpawnPrefab("impact") if impactfx ~= nil then local follower = impactfx.entity:AddFollower() follower:FollowSymbol(target.GUID, target.components.combat.hiteffectsymbol, 0, 0, 0) if attacker ~= nil then impactfx:FacePoint(attacker.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) end end inst:Remove() end Should I put the mod here to get a better look at it? I've already done everything but this.
  4. Please make the scrollbars, checkboxes, and "sort-by" arrows bigger. They're eency-weency.
  5. Lol Webber's getting ripped
  6. Today
  7. Again, agree on Sleepytime Stories being cheap, but you just find the Pan Flute. You don't even have to work at all for it, you can just pick it up. Wickerbottom has to make it, which isn't terribly difficult, but compared to the method of getting a Pan Flute, is harder. And like I said earlier, Wickerbottom has to finish the animation in order for the book's effect to take place, whereas using a Pan Flute causes the effect to happen before the character even actually plays the flute. During the 2-4 seconds of Wickerbottom casting her book, someone smart enough could just rush her. Or use a ranged weapon. Sleepytime Stories IS cheap to use, and basically the reason why Wickerbottom is the best (or second best?) PvP character, but it isn't as cheap as the Pan Flute.
  8. I don't usually spend 35 minutes Put I look for Divers Lungs, Narco, Buff and then Strenth, Creativity, Learning, and Cooking.
  9. It's also worth noting that tumbleweeds have a instrumental voice. And I also believe that Ragtime might be people talking or screaming because the characters can actually hear it in the game, it's diegetic sound meaning that the characters in the game can hear it. The soundtrack (work/fight music etc) is non-diegetic, which means that only the viewer or player can hear it.
  10. Insulate your area in abysslite tiles and you can either use weezeworts or cold water radiator. Those are the most effective ways to cool areas (make sure there's nothing producing a ton of heat thought).
  11. And she eats a fish instead of flying a spaceship I like both drawings but there's also a nice improvement.
  12. I have a question... what are their ages in this story? The thought occurred to me earlier and I grew curious. If you don't have everyone's age, I don't mind just knowing the main characters. Or if the ages have already been said somewhere, I'm just forgetful ^^;
  13. I think you can put " inst:Remove() " to get rid of it after it hit the entity
  14. They needs to put a emoticon/smilie at the end of their post like Whispershade did. Makes any possible hostile remark sound like you're not being serious. Eg: You're a stupid stupid idiot!
  15. wilsonhiggsbury

    Just bumping this thread so it doesn't get archived. I know the story is on hiatus atm and probably didn't need to do this for a couple of months but I thought it'd be good to do it anyway.
  16. You should draw grown up Webber like this and grown up Wendy (as either his girlfriend or some shy blushy girl in the background. I'll let you choose that one . )
  17. I can only imagine the horror @the truthseeker will feel when he has most likely billions of unchecked notifs, most of which are from me

    1. ImDaMisterL


      If he comes back.

      Let's hope he does.

      And gets glad he wasn't forgotten.

  18. My head hurts...

    1. DragonMage156


      I told you not to...

  19. Yesterday
  20. Do you know soundtrack and the ragtime are totally different? I mean , the first one can only be heard by the player in front of a computer only (or at least they don't quote it with the stuff i know) and the second one is from ... a radio music box thing staff that's IN GAME, the character can hold it, the character can put it on and off like you said, and again, like you said the device is in the game near the characters and we can interact with it, we can see it. and we can also torture Maxwell with it btw. If you want to talk about a theory you should make a difference between stuff that was made for make the game nice and theory stuff.. I mean you breaked your own topic by saying "but are just made instruments to give DS/T a special feeling" if they have "normal voices" So yeah you totally ruined yourself the "Well, maybe that means the entire soundtrack is actually people talking/singing?" But bunny mans and pigs talk same langage and don't have music voices , but Lucy and Ancient Gardian have music sounds so i think there is no music langage stuff , just an universal alphabet (except with the ancien civilisation) and with different way of talking like in the real world? (or accents).
  21. You won't catch her singing about fish, though! Hm... not very many I'd say, but there's more than just her. Canonically, the less human models of androids (Satyr frames) are feared and mistrusted a bit, if I remember correctly. So, I imagine this would be even worse for mantis frame androids, which would be even less human. I think they'd probably create a small number of mantis droids to test them out, and discontinue making them when they prove unpopular. Anyway... I wanted to draw Azalea again, because I was kinda disappointed/embarrassed by the way my first drawing of her turned out. Original drawing, for reference: I think I've succeeded in improving what I was hoping to improve.
  22. The title's pretty self explanatory, what do I need in the projectile's prefab script for it to despawn after hitting something?
  23. All I heard was "radioactive biome" and i splooged
  24. All of that can be done during early game resource gathering and exploring, STS is just as cheap a tactic as a panflute.
  25. Hey folks, please see here:
  26. These 3 guys are my favorite so far. Or rather the random stat. I clicked the random button for at least 35 minutes What do you guys prefer for your starting crew? I usually prefer 10+ learning, dupe plus another10+ learning dupe and 10+ strength dupe that way I can double up the research stations and crush through the research tree in 10 cycles or less.
  27. I really like when artists share sketches and doodles in a compilation like those. More art for the price of one! I've a request, draw Webber as the 4th Doctor!
  28. Cheap and rude. Using such low tactics is a good judge of there character. Dont play with people who stoop so low. The nitre fire was smart though.
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