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  2. @Faerendipitous I'm trying to make a mod and the character would suffer no sanity drain in caves but still lose sanity at night and dusk when outside of caves I can't seem to find code for caves specifically. I've also made this post: and since your mod seems to be going well any help would be appreciated, also interesting perks winnie has!
  3. I love this idea. The sharkitten den from SW would actually fit pretty well as the special cave entrance. Those bones would look better as hound bones, of course.
  4. Its difficult to play, explain what they are doing, explain other features of the game and awnser the public at the same time, its understandable that they make some derpy mistakes, if they just play the game the stream would be very boring. XD Duuude, this is a awesome idea! If there is pression, temperature, toxity levels why not put radiation?? Im even more hyped...
  5. It never is too late to set things right
  6. Oh god over 80 lucky gold nuggets, I really went wild with the gobblers. Base is beautiful glzW
  7. 5675534542432543453.
  8. @AFatCat is an awesome guy I surely didn't bribe. @Asparagus is an awesome boss, he listens to our feelings. @Mezukie is an awesome spider, always knows how to cheer you up.
  9. Year of the dragon(fly) here, best static boss amirite
  10. You can change it via console commands. For DST, use TheWorld.topology.overrides.deerclops = "always" For single player, I think it's GetWorld().topology.overrides.original.tweak.monsters.deerclops = "always" In either case you need to restart the game for the changes to be applied.
  11. I came up with a similar idea a really long time ago! This sounds really cool, and I love the quacken idea that sounds truly terrifying! here's some ideas for ya if you want to read it!
  12. Now I think I should have tried to build something up there to be able to teleport back haha. A sky base or just a few balloons would have been cool xD But it was a bit weird so at the moment I just wanted to go back and see if the dfly problem was fixed. I don't want to break my world by accident, I have so many things xD
  13. Maybe pudgy beefalos can fly? Or... you just had too many balloons. A very interesting bug. I'd like to try this flying mode once, Klei should add some stuff that realises that. Actually, we can teleport, fight nightmares, build self-guided fire-extinguishing machines, but we cannot fly???
  14. Hi @Pro_Sandwich, welcome to the forums! A quick google search suggests it's an issue with Windows 10 and AMD cards' drivers. I recommend you update your drivers via AMD Catalyst. If that doesn't solve it, follow these steps to uninstall your current drivers, then fresh install the current ones via AMD Catalyst, AMD's website or Windows Update - no need to download the tool linked in that website.
  15. Maybe it is the place where all the ewecuses go
  16. No idea dude, I could run around but just much slower, and I could see the ground very far and smaller than usual. Looks like there is high platform level of some kind. We can now fantasize over the idea of developers making a new sky level or terrain levels such as mountains or buildings :v I added a picture to the previous post so you can have an idea
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  18. I'm glad it's solved! But how on earth is it possible to get stuck on the sky?... How does it look like, I mean, you were on a higher level, like when birds and df and such leaves?
  19. @NobodyCares69 @Sinister_Fang @fimmatek it's fixed! This was sooo weird! I used c_gonext and it was up in the sky. It was doing the fly away animation, so it disappeared right when I saw it. Then I got stuck running free over the sky xD I used c_gonext("pigman") to try and go down again, my game froze and crashed but the next time I loaded my world the dragonfly was on its place again and I was also back to the ground Quite crazy, but fixed! Thanks a lot for the answers!! I guess I will post it in the bug tracker forum just in case devs want to take a look
  20. *Insert evolving pokemon joke here* (It's from dev memes thread which you probably already know) EDIT: Oh damn now I see these are different. Welp.
  21. Hi @jjaks, welcome to the forums! You don't need to move your Steam installation, but you do need to download SteamCMD and extract steamcmd.exe it to C:\steamcmd. Alternatively you can try following this simpler guide. Hi @BombCraft13, welcome to you too! To play in the beta, you need to (1) have SteamCMD update the Dedicated Server tool in the beta, and (2) use the ANR config folder. For the first part, simply edit the first line of your batch file from step 11 to include the -beta parameter, so it will look something like this: c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 343050 -beta anewreignbeta +quit For the second part, you'll need to use the DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta folder instead of DoNotStarveTogether (steps 6 through 10 and 12).
  22. @GiddyGuy is a good pal but a better fam and the best silkrobe wickerfu. @LadyD keeps making nice threads unasked. @Mr.P maintains law and order while also being a fun, sexy beard.
  23. I like mods that adds more combat challenge, so good luck with your mod, can't wait to use it when it's done !!
  24. Yes, she will stay there, because that is where her spawner is
  25. (I guess this thread fits best for talking about the antlion?) The antlion is probably mostly finished or planned already since its sound files were in the game but something that could be interesting in my opinion is a special cave entrance in the desert that leads to an area of the caves that is seperated from the rest (so basically a seperate cave but doesn't need another shard) which is where the antlion or antlions could have its/their nest.
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